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At My Holiday Home Insurance you can now compare holiday home insurance for properties in Norway from leading holiday home insurers, without having to visit a range of different websites.

My Holiday Home Insurance specialises in insurance for holiday homes in Norway used solely by yourself and/or let out for part of the year.

My Holiday Home Insurance products are provided by leading UK holiday home insurers with English policy wordings. The holiday home insurance policies are specifically designed for holiday home owners with properties in Norway, offering cover that standard home insurance won't include.

Holiday home insurance for properties in Norway is a specialist class of insurance and at My Holiday Home Insurance we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to compare holiday home insurance quotes from leading insurance providers.

Compare Norwegian Holiday Home Insurance Premiums & Cover

Compare Insurance Prices for Holiday Homes in Norway
At My Holiday Home Insurance we have sourced leading holiday home insurers for properties in Norway and that can help you to find cheap holiday home insurance without having to visit several different websites.

Simply enter your details online and we will provide you with quotes from leading insurers of holidays homes in Norway.

Compare Insurance Cover for Holiday Homes in Norway

At My Holiday Home Insurance, not only can you find cheap holiday home insurance for your property in Norway, but we make it easier for you to compare cover between different insurance providers.

Cheap holiday home insurance may not always offer the right insurance to meet your needs and so it is essential that you compare holiday home insurance cover before making a purchase.

Holiday home insurance for properties in Norway is a specialist class of insurance and different from ordinary home insurance in a number of ways. Norwegian holiday home insurance from our panel of insurers can include:

  • Loss of Rent

    • Cover for loss of overseas holiday home rental income e.g. following a fire, theft, flood etc
  • Alternative Accommodation Costs in Norway

    • Cover for additional costs if alternative accommodation needs to be arranged in Norway following an incident
  • Emergency Travel Costs to Norway

    • In certain circumstances, insurance may also be available for emergency travel costs if you need to travel to Norway to visit your holiday home following an insured incident
  • Public Liability

    • Insurance for injury to guests or other third parties or damage to their property e.g. if there is an accident at the Norwegian holiday home for which you are legally liable
  • Employers Liability

    • Insurance for any domestic staff/contractors you employ to look after your holiday home in Norway (whether on a full time, part time or unpaid work basis) e.g. if you are found legally liable for injury to cleaners whilst they are working at the Norwegian holiday home
  • Accidental Damage Cover

    • Accidental damage insurance for your Norwegian holiday home (both buildings and contents) including where let out on a commercial basis
  • Swimming Pool Cover

    • Inclusion of swimming pools for the same cover as the main holiday home buildings insurance as well as compensation for loss of use following damage to the pool
  • Theft

    • Including insurance for Theft of contents of the holiday home, even whilst occupied by guests
  • Legal Expenses

    • Insurance in the event of a legal dispute arising in relation to the holiday home in Norway

In particular, anyone who wants to insure their holiday home in Norway with My Holiday Home Insurance can benefit from:

  • Straightforward policy wordings written in English
  • Dealing with specialist in the Norwegian holiday home market
  • UK based claims centres with English speaking staff
  • Where applicable, English speaking staff liaising with overseas loss adjusters